What do you want to create today?

Are you reaching your potential, either personally or professionally, as a nonprofit, health care or faith-based leader?

If you want to achieve more, professionally or personally, let’s talk. Through coaching we will work to achieve your potential and respond to your challenges by removing inner blocks and creating new possibilities. You will learn to shift from catabolic to anabolic energy to create solutions.

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.  (International Coach Federation (ICF)  Coaching is not advising, mentoring, or consulting, but a process to bring out the potential in an individual by connecting inner purpose and passion to outer goals and strategies.  Coaching always begins where the client is and is tailored to the client’s needs and goals.

Most coaching engagements begin with the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment, an attitudinal assessment that describes the way you typically approach projects, tasks, and situations under normal as well as stressful situations. After completing the assessment and a one hour debrief, coaching sessions will help you discover how to live fully and authentically, true to yourself.

Cost of the ELI Assessment and a one-hour debrief is $200.  Contact me at for details.


Doctoral Students

Contact me for a free initial consultation about how I can help with your reading, writing, qualitative research, and overall experience.

I can offer you coaching:  working with you to empower you, to facilitate decision-making, to forward decisions into action, and provide accountability.  After a written agreement, we would embark on a series of conversations, focused on helping you find ways to respond to your challenges and intolerances.  The expertise I offer you in this role is that of coaching, not academic advising or mentoring.

I can offer you mentoring:  I will read drafts of papers (course papers, capstones – dissertation, master’s theses, doctoral studies) and provide feedback for content and qualitative research methodology.

Both of these services are available at reasonable rates, understanding the financial commitments and constraints students often face.



Are you struggling with how to work effectively with doctoral students?  Are you providing actionable feedback in courses and on capstone paper drafts?  Let’s talk about how to have effective conversations and provide feedback that students can use to improve their work. Coaching can also be used to help faculty who are interested in a new career path or pursuing tenure.

Let’s start with an initial, complimentary session to explore the concept of coaching and whether it is right for you.  Write to me at to find a time for that exploratory session.


My experience

Earned doctorate in Adult Education from Indiana University, 1990.  Over 13 years’ experience as a faculty member and academic leader with an online university of over 40,000 students.  I have taught master’s and doctoral level courses, chaired and served as qualitative methodologist and research reviewer for dissertation committees and doctoral studies.  I authored a chapter on case study research in  The Scholar-Practitioner’s Guide to Research Design, 1st Edition (pp. 227 – 241). [VitalSource Bookshelf Online].

300+ hours of professional coach training with iPEC – Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, and an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner.

Kurt Schoch, EdD

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